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Saturday, 24.06.2017
Friday, 30.11.2012 14:40

behind the scenes

while there is still not much to see on the bioinformatiX webpages bioinformatiX server already...

Wednesday, 28.11.2012 00:46

bioinformatiX is back

After some years of inactivity bioinformatiX is back to the net, providing services for...

Welcome to, the home and service platform of Munich Medical Society's Opens internal link in current windowbioinformatiX research group. provides its scientists with resources for research and software development.

In addition provides information to the general public in form of databases, code and document repositories and a blog.

BioinformatiX is also the backend for several community-services of Opens external link in new windowMunich Medical Society and its associates as i.e. the Munich R user group (MucUseR).